" The best colour in the whole world
is the one that looks good on you "

Coco Chanel

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Colour Analysis


As a Personal Stylist, Colour Analysis is my favourite service as it is so much fun and is instantly rewarding!

It makes the perfect gift and the results will stay with you for a lifetime!

My clients inform me that Colour Analysis revolutionised so many aspects of their lives; the way they think about shopping, the way they shop, what they buy, the longevity of their purchases and how they have noticed more compliments coming their way!

As consumers we are overwhelmed with choice, knowing what are “your colours” gives you the ability to eliminate over half of the products in front of you, simply by knowing what colours suit you but more importantly knowing what to avoid! This results in a SAVING not only in time but also SAVES you money in the long run. It avoids those fashion disasters and gives you the confidence to buy clothes that you know will suit you.

Simply dressing in “your colours” will take years off you, it will enhance your bone structure, even out your skin tone, diminish lines, blemishes, and ladies; you will need little or no makeup to look great!


What is involved?

A Colour Consultation will last approximately an hour and a half.

I will determine the depth, clarity and undertones of your colouring using seasonal colour drapes. You will have the same colour palette throughout your life whether you are sun-tanned or using it in later years. This means that you will only ever need to have your colours analysed once in your lifetime – money well spent!

Following your Colour Analysis you will be provided with a colour swatch which are handbag sized so you can easily take it shopping too.

This is a great treat to enjoy with your friends too.

Colour consultations cost from £95.

Gift vouchers are available, contact me, Kate for more information on the COLOUR ANALYSIS service.

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