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Wardrobe Weeding


Wardrobe Weeding is my way of describing a service which is just that – weeding out the clothes that don’t suit you: helping to make way for the ones that you already have that will make you look great. They may just need a little altering or clever accessorising.

The Wardrobe Weeding service allows you to ‘see’ what you own and identify missing items that you may want to invest in, in the future.


What is involved?

I do need to delve into your wardrobe but don’t be intimidated as I will make it fun and I promise that you will find it extremely rewarding.

The Wardrobe Weeding service I provide allows you to re-invigorate your wardrobe by creating outfit solutions you never thought possible. Items may be used in different ways, it is not all about throwing away clothes, it is about making sure that your clothes suit your size and shape, skin tone and lifestyle and most importantly they make you look and feel great.

If you want to hit the shops after your Wardrobe Weeding experience, take a look at my Personal Shopping service.

I will provide you with a report of the day in I which will include specific tailored advice with images of the days events, outfits etc. to help you in those “I don’t know what to wear” moments.

Please contact me, Kate to discuss WARDROBE WEEDING in more detail

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